Terms of Use

VPS Agreement

By purchasing a VPS from HardWired Hosting you hereby agree to the below usage policies.

1. Service Delivery

1.1 The services provided will be of specification given on the website

1.2 Every Reasonable efford is made by HardWired Hosting to maintain uninterrupted operation of your services. Despite this, due to a number of circumstances that are beyond HardWired Hosting's control, you acknowledge that given the nature of such services, HardWired Hosting cannot guarentee that the services, when delivered via the internet will be uninterrupted or error free.

1.3 HardWired Hosting is not held responsible if the services provided are not compatible with any files or software you install or upload to the Virtual server.

1.4 Should an automated install or reinstall fail, HardWired Hosting will have 72 hours to manually deploy the service.

2. Fees and Billing

2.1 HardWired Hosting have the right to change the price of any service at any point in time.

2.2 Monthly billing is defined as a 30 day cycle.

2.3 Transaction details from PayPal will be stored by HardWired Hosting for tracking orders and payments

3. Expiry and Cancellation

3.1 Customers acknowledge that if payment isn't made on time, their VPS will be shut down after 3 days of failure to pay, and the VPS data deleted after 7 days of failure to pay.

3.2 Customers may cancel their services at any time either by Email or over the phone to HardWired Hosting.

3.3 In the event that customers cancel their HardWired Hosting services mid-way through their contract with us, they will not be entitled to any refunds for the remaining amounts or any other related amounts

3.4 In the event that customers wish to continue using HardWired Hosting after cancellation is agreed, customers may reactivate their services over Email or Phone to HardWired Hosting.

4. Appropriate Usage of the Services

4.1 Clients must abide by all UK and EU laws when using HardWired Hosting services.

4.2 Clients are not permitted to use HardWired Hosting services for melicious activities such as DoS or DDoS attacking.

4.3 HardWired Hosting in general is not liable to any criminal or pecuniary penalty for any unlawful acts carried out using our services unless we have actual knowledge of those unlawful acts. Accordingly, if we become aware of credible evidence that a customer has carried out any unlawful acts, we will take preventative measures to bring those acts to an end.

4.4 The Internet is global in reach. Consequently, it is possible for anyone using the internet to break the laws of foreign countries. Customers are therefore advised to take all reasonable steps to avoid breaching relevant foreign laws.

4.5 Customers may not use HardWired Hosting services to send unsolicited commercial email (spam).

4.6 HardWired Hosting have to right to terminate a clients service with immediate effect, without recompense, and delete any files held on our servers should any of the above 'Appropriate Usage of the Services' be breached.

5. Support

5.1 You acknowledge that HardWired Hosting support does not cover software or any other content uploaded or installed by you or third parties authorised to access your services.

5.2 HardWired Hosting support will deal with issues as soon as reasonably possible. They hold no responsibility for support tickets being overlooked or for delayed response (human error).

6. Remedies & Limitations

6.1 In no event shall HardWired Hosting be liable for any loss of profits or loss of business.

6.2 Downtime for maintenance is permitted by HardWired Hosting providing the customers have been notified beforehand.

6.3 HardWired Hosting are not liable for security breaches to the service provided to you. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their VPS is secure from any and all external attacks

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