Remote Desktop Services

Make working from home effortless with remote access to a full Windows OS with any apps you like over a web interface.

What you get

A fully managed platform with any software packages you need installed and configured for you. Available 24/7 to access from anywhere with an internet connection. We will either replicate or migrate your current platform to the cloud so as to ensure your staff can continue working wherever they may be.

We work closely with our clients during the preparation and setup of the remote desktop to ensure that the platform has all the functionality they need, as well as is in their best interest to use going forward.

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Backups included

Daily backups to ensure worst case scenario isn't as bad as it sounds.

Fully managed

Carefully monitored with software, along with weekly system health checkups to ensure system integrity.

Use it your way

We quote by spec, giving our clients free reign to install their own software at no extra cost.

What people are saying...

Competitive Sniping Group
W1red - CSG Owner

"Can not just recommend but advise you to get your VPS from The support I got was incredible. Not just in sense of setting up the VPS but also for out of the regular support (eg.: setting up a VM on my home host, installing plugins for my gameservers correctly). Big vouch for this service!"

Tom E. IT Professional
Tom E. - IT Professional

"I simply wouldn't go anywhere else for my hosting needs - fast, reliable and best of all top notch service from Jake and the team."

Billy - Doctors Gaming
Billy - Doctors Gaming

"Ever since we made the switch to HardWired Hosting, our Call of Duty servers have had no issues whatsoever, they run very smoothly and the ping is remarkably stable. The packages are very affordable and the process of setting up our servers was uncomplicated. Exceptional service with reliable support wherever necessary."